Mentoring Overview

Looking for Enterprise Mentoring support?

Mentoring can support you in improving your enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, 'know-how' and performance not to mention helping you network quickly and effectively.

Benefits for mentees:

Objective and safe source of support in the development of new skills
Develop a practical supportive relationship
Improve self-confidence
Improve problem-solving skills
Professional development
Gain awareness of your skills and practice

Interested in becoming a Mentor?

By giving just one hour per month, as a Mentor you can provide a high level of support and guidance which will enhance the entrepreneurial skills of the mentee.

Benefits for mentors:

Reflect on your own practice and skills
Hone your own skills in management and leadership
Develop professional relationships
Enhance peer recognition
Enhance professional development
Improve self-confidence
Provides the opportunity to help and guide others in their enterprise development

Join the Group

For the latest mentoring discussion and requests for assistance, please join our mentoring group.

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    This group is for all those interested in mentoring - either as a mentor or a mentee. Use this group to discuss all things mentoring and also to post a mentoring request or offer of service. This group also provides access to mentoring support documents.

Get Started as a Mentor

To be listed in our mentoring directory please complete the 'Mentoring Essentials' learning module (sign up below). This free short course will provide you with knowledge of the skills required to be an effective mentor. Alternatively, if you'd like to undertake a mentoring qualification there is a paid-for option leading to our Professional Award in Enterprise Mentoring.