The Customer Is Always Right is looking for Entrepreneurs & Inventors!

The Customer Is Always Right is an exciting series that follows budding entrepreneurs from across the UK as they try to make a success of their inventions. They are making everything from pet accessories to health and beauty products, home and garden tools, to children’s gadgets.

Each episode of The Customer Is Always Right will feature three entrepreneurs, with audiences hearing about the inspiration behind their creation and the sacrifices they had to make in getting their dream item funded and brought to market.

Crucially, their new products will be tested on the people who are most important – the customers. There will be a cast of returning customers, all with different points of view, who are ready to road test the entrepreneur’s products and unleash their honest thoughts on everything from the design to the practical use to the selling price. They’ll unbox and deliver their assessments before scoring each product. And because the customer is always right, they will pick the winner.

Have you got a product you want to show the world? If so, you can get in touch with the team directly at [email protected] or call at 0141 611 9619.