Checking in with Enterprise Made Simple

For this article we spoke with Phil Teasdale, Chief Executive at IOEE Academy, Enterprise Made Simple and heard more about their exciting work and plans for the future.

Phil started off by telling us about Enterprise Made Simple (EMS) and their mission. As a fifteen-year-old business, focusing on business support and training, Enterprise Made Simple has a lot of experience when it comes to training and providing support to their learners and businesses. With business at the heart of everything they do, EMS have always and will always focus on maintaining a fluid nature. Phil said “change is inevitable, you just have to be able to adapt and shift” to avoid any serious challenges. The structure and delivery method of EMS meant they could adapt to the constantly changing climate and continue to succeed. Their ability to adapt and evolve as a company has seen them grow and develop their business, even throughout the pandemic!

EMS set up their training centre during the pandemic as a safety precaution, to be able to control the hygiene practices, amount of people in the workplace, and ultimately avoid business closure due to covid cases. Phil told us that, since lockdown eased, EMS has been delivering to their learners with a hybrid approach. Combining face to face learning with distanced online learning. Gaining this training centre was a really big step for EMS, and it appears to have helped them bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.

Enterprise Made Simple offers a range of qualifications with us, ranging from level 1 to level 3, and offer a variety of specialisms. From design thinking to social media, Enterprise Made Simple wanted to offer their learners a selection of SFEDI qualifications, to add that extra value to their learners’ experience.

I wanted to know a bit more about their experience with online learning and we both agreed, distance learning has its purpose. The ability to learn from the comfort of your own home, gain qualifications and develop your skills is priceless, but there is also a need for face to face learning. The networking opportunities and collaborative learning is crucial to the EMS programmes and so face to face learning is the best model for them.

What about events? Will EMS continue to deliver in person events?

Phil let us know that there are almost always events on, with EMS. From networking events to workshops, speaking events to skills sharing, EMS supports their learners and is able to share a bank of resources with them. The in person events really do take the learning to the next level. Once you have learned the skills, being able to get out there and network, meet new people and, applying those skills is the next step and that is what the events allow. Providing their learners with opportunities.

Phil was extremely enthusiastic and complimentary about being part of the IOEE network and told us he has really enjoyed his time as an Academy and can’t wait for the new year where he hopes to deliver even more IOEE and SFEDI qualifications.

It was brilliant to speak to Phil, and a great opportunity to learn more about Enterprise Made Simple and their programmes. Going into 2023, Phil has set some really realistic and exciting goals for EMS and their delivery, and we wish EMS all the best with their future delivery.