Businesses Born in Lockdown

Lockdown was a time for quiet, shelter, and time to reflect. For some, however, lockdown was a time to take a leap of faith and start something new. Some people say that lockdown was the riskiest time to set up a business, some call it a stupid decision but these business owners are here to prove them wrong. Let’s take a look at some examples of businesses that began in lockdown.

Fizz Pop Events

Sarah Mills and Megan Stokes created Fizz Pop during lockdown. Sarah and Megan saw a gap in the market and decided that Lockdown gave them a great opportunity to start their business. Fizz Pop is a business that focuses on decorations that are “super extra”, including balloons in all kinds of shapes, arrangements and for all occasions. Sarah and Megan thought of this idea after seeing countless occasions on social media, where people had birthdays or christenings, and they decided to set up Fizz Pop Events. The business is still running today. While Sarah and Megan say they learned on the job, the business seems to have grown so much from that trial and error development plan.

One of the most important areas for this company to build, learn how to use and develop was their social media. They say that their social media was key to their launch and Instagram in particular was a key tool for them. Visually their products stand out, so they use Instagram to catch their audiences attention and advertise their business that way. A smart move for a business born in lockdown.


Box42 was another business that was born out of lockdown. Box42 is a subscription service that delivers date night boxes to your door. So when we were all sitting at home with nothing to do, Box42 came to the rescue to supply the nation with activities, snacks and some fun.

Box42 was yet another business that used social media to its advantage. We were all on it, when we were at home. This company took to social media, remembering the day where they had 0 followers, they took two months to build up their audience and launched as an actual business supplying a product. In those two months the company built their online presence, learned how to operate, found suppliers and developed their SEO ranking. In just two months, the company was set up and they are still trading today.

One of Box42’s top tips for starting a business and making it your full time job is to be resilient. Develop that resilience, making this move will really test your determination and passion for business.

Three Sisters Farm

The Three Sisters Farm is a business set up by Jessica and Phillipa, after Jessica made the decision to relocate and Phillipa was made redundant. Three Sisters Farm is another business, of many, that used a very common day to day object to start their business. In the 21st century, a mobile phone really is a very powerful tool. With apps, the internet and other users all readily available and accessible, you have the world at your fingertips. The Three Sisters Farm took to Instagram, I am spotting a theme here, and the business was born just a few weeks later. Taking courses, learning from people in the industry and following key role models on social media, the business took effort and determination.

One thing we are learning quite quickly is social media is a really solid foundation block to have when thinking of starting a business. Social media is a free advertising option. It allows you to engage with your audience, share your products and create sales. If you haven’t got social media, and you want to run a business, you should really think about setting it up. We have some qualifications that look at the use of social media within business, so do get in touch if this is something you wish to find out more about.

In some cases, businesses were born and had to be abandoned due to the ever changing nature of the pandemic, but this does not mean they failed or were unsuccessful. The pandemic was an unpredictable and volatile environment for businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic will perhaps be remembered as one of the most difficult periods for business, and our personal lives, in recent times