‘Enterprisingly Me’ is a monthly feature where you can follow my entrepreneurial adventures. Names have been changed to protect the innocent but everything you read really happened. I hope my story inspires you to take your first steps, or if you already have, then it lets you know you’re not on your own. Starting and […]

Brexit Bulletin

Brexit Business Readiness Weekly Bulletin  — 6 August 2019 Introduction  Welcome to the latest in a series of business readiness bulletins, aimed at keeping trade associations, business representative bodies and business intermediaries up to date on the latest information and guidance for business on the UK exiting the EU.  The objective of this Bulletin is to […]

A No Deal Brexit for most firms

Most firms that export only to the EU do not have the paperwork they need to carry on their business after a no-deal Brexit, government figures suggest. The Liberal Democrats said the statistics showed that no deal, which increasingly seems to be the outcome ministers think is most likely, would be a “wholly irresponsible political choice”. But […]

An Entrepreneur’s Mental Health

Entrepreneurs are not strangers to anxiety and depression. They’re just as susceptible as the rest of the population, if not more so, to mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, sociopathy, schizophrenia, and more. I have written here on Entrepreneur about my problems with anxiety, especially while networking. Anxiety and depression disorders are on the rise. Generalized anxiety is common, […]

Managing your Side Hustle

You set out with the best of intentions … Coming home from your day job, you hop on your computer to work on building that eCommerce store, flipping a recent real estate purchase, driving traffic to your new retail site or hiring freelancers to help grow your agency. And eventually you see results: That side hustle […]

Sky Chief to represent business at Downing Street

Boris Johnson has poached Sky TV chief operating officer Andrew Griffith to be his interlocutor between Downing Street and the business community. Griffith, COO of the pay-TV giant, will be the bridgehead between business and the Government with the TV executive leading a beefed-up business team out of Downing Street. Notoriously, Johnson was overheard to […]