5 top small business tips

#1 – Innovate but not as you know it When most businesses hear the word innovation they tend to think about technology, or how they create their next product or process. But innovation isn’t all about ideation, technology and widgets. Actually, it means ways to create value from ideas. In many cases this starts with […]

What are the benefits of mentoring?

Small businesses make up nearly 99% of UK business and are at the heart of the UK economy. Our research shows that businesses that use external support are twice as likely to survive and succeed than businesses that don’t. Ensuring small businesses have somewhere and someone to turn to for valued and trusted support is […]

Unlocking potential, pitching for success

David Morgan founded Entrepreneurs Unlocked in the Autumn of 2019, soon after becoming an IOEE Academy. David saw IOEE Academy status as vital to his vision of enabling social and economic mobility through entrepreneurship. Offering a range of workshops from a half day entrepreneurial skills exploration session, self-employment short courses, smart sub-contracting for people wanting […]

Barclays Bank mentoring helps hackney based business

We have spoken to Inan Gokcek.Inan received support from Barclays Bank mentor, Andy Murphy. Inan runs Anares (http://www.anares.co.uk) and has a small studio based in Hackney, London, his work ranges from furniture design to interior architecture and even small architecture projects such as house extensions, conversions and more. Inan’s main focus is on interior architecture […]

What are the benefits of Mentoring?

There are huge benefits to be gained by both sides of the mentoring relationship from both the mentee and the mentor, we’ve taken a look at just a few below. For the Mentee: Provides impartial advice and encouragement Develops a supportive relationship Assists with problem solving Improves self-confidence Offers professional development Encourages reflection on practice […]