Cyber Security and Small Business

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, small businesses have faced a deluge of new problems while the world’s economy has shifted to a “new normal”. Millions of small businesses face a fundamental change in the way business owners and their employees work. Social distancing and lockdown has necessitated a significant rise in remote working. Technology has projected […]

Springing Into Action With Mentoring

The IOEE Lloyds Banking Group Covid-19 Response Mentoring programme was created to support small and micro businesses affected by the Covid-19 crisis which has impacted many businesses across all sectors within the UK.  In this article, we speak to Lloyds Banking Group mentor, Alick Jones, Regional Agricultural Manager for the North of England and Social […]

Tips for working from home

Home working or working at home with your partner, husband or wife is something new that a lot of people are suddenly having to get used to. It can be slightly weird and isn’t always easy if you don’t know how to survive the first few days, weeks and possibly months. Here are some top […]

A Matter of Mindset: How NatWest Harnesses Entrepreneurial Skills for Growth, Performance and Fantastic Company Culture

Gordon Merrylees is the Managing Director, Entrepreneurship for NatWest. Within his role, Gordon leads the bank’s Entrepreneurship Strategy and Entrepreneurial Development Academy; designed to harness the entrepreneurial potential of businesses and colleagues through its unique academy which is grounded using the principles of having a growth mindset or growth culture. This customer-led Academy has recently […]