How to market your business

As much as we would like it to be the case, having a great product or providing a fantastic service is not enough to create a successful business. In order for a business to grow and develop, it needs to understand the market it operates in and the customers it serves.

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In this short course, How to market your business, we will show you how businesses research their markets and the different ways that it can reach out to potential customers. We will also cover off assessing customer satisfaction and why that is important in helping to build a sustainable business.

In this short course we will cover:

  • The need for market research and why it is important.
  • The different methods of market research available to a business.
  • Methods of promoting a product or service to a customer.
  • Ways of delivering a product or service to a customer.
  • The importance of customer satisfaction.
  • Ways of measuring customer satisfaction.

One of the first things that all businesses learn, is that in order to sell more of its products or services it really needs to understand fully its customers and what their needs are. “Build it and they will come”, is unfortunately not a phrase that will lead to a successful business. An aspiring entrepreneur has to have a business which is proactive in reaching out to its customers.