The Woo ‘B’ Woo Fairy’s mentoring journey, from a passion for fashion to sprinkling her magic in the vintage wedding world…

Jane Baines is the Woo ‘B’ Woo Fairy; sprinkling her own unique brand of fairy dust through her self-starting company and bespoke service of vintage-style wedding décor and fresh floral arrangements. Jane worked in the fashion industry for almost three decades before she decided to follow her passion and ‘go it alone’. Through the IOEE, […]

North-East talent blossoms into successful artist

Ailsa Victoria Miller is an artist from North East England. She creates beautiful original botanical pastel drawings, prints and gifts that are inspired by the vivid colours of nature. Ailsa’s entrepreneurial journey is an extraordinary one, having overcome enormous personal challenges and obstacles to make a living from doing something that brings her joy. This month we […]

Young IOEE mentor is wise beyond his years

David Williams is an IOEE enterprise mentor who recently established an Enterprise Mentoring relationship with mentee Barbara Govan and her award winning independent TV production and training company, Screenhouse, despite being just 25 years old. We caught up with David to find out why age is no barrier to mentoring success. Leeds-based David Williams works as […]

An enterprising outlook for IOEE Centre of Excellence academic

Entrepreneurship lecturer Dr Louise Chalkley of Anglia Ruskin University shares with us her thoughts on enterprise, education and the unexpected adventures life can present. Cambridge-based Dr Louise Chalkley has been an entrepreneurship lecturer at IOEE Centre of Excellence Anglia Ruskin University for four years. However, the 46-year-old’s route to academia has been varied and unconventional, […]

Rocketeer Enterprise brings Digital Learning to Education

Rocketeer Enterprise is an IOEE Enterprise Academy on a mission – to change the world, one entrepreneur at a time. Rocketeer specialises in understanding how to benefit from being in the midst of the current digital and technology revolution, through supporting educational organisations, start-up companies, and wannabe entrepreneurs to succeed in the field of enterprise. […]

Mobile cinema joins the fast lane to success

Enterprise learner Kerry Hector took part in an innovative scheme run by IOEE Enterprise Academy GGT Solutions on behalf of her social housing provider, A2Dominion Housing Association. The initiative gave her the skills, knowhow and funds to develop MovieMobil – a brilliant social enterprise that takes cinema into communities. We chatted to Kerry about MovieMobil […]

A patently great idea

Simon Krystman, who has recently become an IOEE member, is the man behind IdeasPatch, an innovative route to funding the filing of patents for talented inventors, who often find themselves in a catch-22 situation of no-patent, no investment. We chatted to him about his unique business model and his own route to entrepreneurship. Despite graduating […]

IOEE Academy status for ambitious social enterprise!

Sam Everard is the woman behind the Samee Project, a unique, Bournemouth-based social enterprise that secured its IOEE Academy status in February. The Samee Projects helps individuals from disenfranchised backgrounds on the road to self-employment or employment. We chatted to Sam about her own journey, which has taken her from wedding industry entrepreneur to successful […]