Spotlight on… Giuditta Meneghetti

Giuditta Meneghetti is an academic who has recently secured a prestigious post as Curriculum Leader for Business and Public Services at Barking & Dagenham College (BDC), which will begin in August of this year. Giuditta will be influential in rebranding and reshaping the structure and delivery of the college’s Entrepreneur and Enterprise courses, and in […]

Enterprisingly Me

‘Enterprisingly Me’ is a monthly feature where you can follow my entrepreneurial adventures. Names have been changed to protect the innocent but everything you read really happened. I hope my story inspires you to take your first steps, or if you already have, then it lets you know you’re not on your own. Starting and […]

An enterprising outlook for IOEE Centre of Excellence academic

Entrepreneurship lecturer Dr Louise Chalkley of Anglia Ruskin University shares with us her thoughts on enterprise, education and the unexpected adventures life can present. Cambridge-based Dr Louise Chalkley has been an entrepreneurship lecturer at IOEE Centre of Excellence Anglia Ruskin University for four years. However, the 46-year-old’s route to academia has been varied and unconventional, […]

Spotlight On… Lee Sharma

Lee Sharma is the CEO of Simply Do Ideas; a unique and innovative online platform that provides a place for people with exciting enterprising ideas to take that spark of inspiration and turn it into a viable business plan. We first met Lee in May 2016, when Simply Do Ideas had just achieved IOEE Academy […]

Spotlight On… Sean O’Tuama

Sean O’Tuama is the CEO and founder of Firemole; a Cork-based company that has developed a safety gadget that warns people if their electrical devices, such as mobile phone chargers, are getting dangerously hot, by sounding an inbuilt alarm. In only a year, Sean has gone from ‘idea stage’ to viable business, even passing on […]

Spotlight On … Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman is the CEO of PMH Digital Solutions; a mentoring business he founded to ‘promote the digital lifestyle’. It offers a range of digital products and courses to help people who are looking to discover how they can embrace digital opportunities in order to work for themselves, and get a healthier and happier work-life […]

A patently great idea

Simon Krystman, who has recently become an IOEE member, is the man behind IdeasPatch, an innovative route to funding the filing of patents for talented inventors, who often find themselves in a catch-22 situation of no-patent, no investment. We chatted to him about his unique business model and his own route to entrepreneurship. Despite graduating […]

Spotlight On… Anna Howard

London South Bank University (LSBU) is an IOEE Centre of Excellence, and their staff and students are doing exceptional work in the field of enterprise in education. We’re running a series of case studies to let you know about LSBU’s projects and people, and this month we met Anna Howard, LSBU’s Associate Professor of Enterprise […]